Saturday Skewer Sessions: Spanish Prawns

There’s nothing fishy about this tasty little number…

The need-to-know stuff

Prep - 5 min

Marinade - 30 mins - 6hrs (up to you….)

Cook time - 15 mins

BBQ - Hot (best over charcoal…)

Want to show off? - Best cooked on light wood skewers (we chose castello - lemon wood) because the orangey prawn and the green peppers look awesome on it.

Per Large Skewer

12-15 prawns, shell off

1tbsp Smoked paprika

1 clove Garlic (chopped)

½ Lemon (zest only)

2tbsp Olive oil

5-6 Parsley stalks / leaves (chopped)

Green pepper (chunky pieces)

On your marks…make marinade….

Set prawns and green pepper to one side

Mix paprika, garlic, lemon zest, oil and parsley together so they’re combined in a melange of happiness.

Toss the prawns in the tasty mixture, cover and leave to do their thing

Marinade for up to 6hrs in the fridge

Get ready for skewer set up….

Chop green pepper into nice big chunks

Alternate the amazing prawns and crunchy pepper all the way up the skewer.

Check out that bad boy - orangey prawns popping against the green fresh peppers. Marvellous.

Cook it up…

Pop your skewer of fishy happiness onto a hot BBQ

Turn a few times - these guys cook pretty fast so keep an eye on them….

Serve and share…

Place a chunky BBQ board on the centre of the table

Do the skewer slide, and push those juicy prawns and peppers onto your board

Hold yourself back whilst you see your family, friends and significant others dive into that fishy feast in front of them.

Congratulations you PitMaster. You’ve mastered the skewers once again.

Appreciate your own, fabulous BBQ skills.

Then tuck in.

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