Saturday Skewer Sessions: Asian Pork Belly

Get in my Belly - this is a pork-asm on a plate

The need-to-know stuff

Prep - 15 min

Marinade - 2 - 24 hrs (up to you….)

Cook time - 35-45 mins

BBQ - Medium heat (best over charcoal…)

Want to show off? - Best cooked on light wood skewers (we chose a Castello - Lemon Wood) because the rich pork contrasts beautifully with the creamy handle.

Per Large Skewer

4 x 5-10cm pieces of Pork Belly - cut across the grain cut to show the fat layers

125ml Soy sauce

50ml Worcester sauce

2tbsp Fish sauce

4tbsp Honey

2 Limes (zest and juice)

2 Garlic cloves

2 Chillies (Fresno)

3cm piece Ginger

1tsp Cumin (ground)

1 small bunch coriander (stalk and leaf)

2 Spring onions

1 Onion (small)

On your marks…make marinade….

Set Pork Belly and onion to one side

Put all other ingredients in a blender and whizz to a chunky marinade.

Slather marinade all over Pork Belly

Cover and marinade for up to 24hrs in the fridge

Get ready for skewer set up….

Chop onion into 6 wedges

Alternate these onion pieces and marinated pork belly all the way up the skewer

Admire the beauty you behold before you - pale, fragrant onion glistening against dark, delicious porky meat

Cook it up…

Pop your masterpiece onto a medium heat BBQ

Turn every 5-6 mins

Keep basting the pork with each turn with the flavour-packed marinade to keep it moist and even more delicious

Do this for 35-45 mins or so

Serve and share…

Place a chunky BBQ board on the centre of the table

Slide that succulent meat and sticky roasted onion off the skewer and onto your board

Watch your friends, family and others launch themselves at the table, desperate to taste your magnificent creation

Take a moment to know you totally nailed this Asian Pork Belly

Bask in your own delicious brilliance

Then tuck in

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