Ohhh!! Stripey AND hangie. 

Pinstripe Wenge Hook

  • A hook to hang stuff on. Useful. 

    Pretty and useful, this little pinstriped Wenge wood and vintage coat hook is perfect for helping to hang things. Kitchen stuff. Jewellery. Coats. Hats. Whatever you need, it'll hold it, happily. And look quite lovely in the process.


    All of our coat hooks are completely individual and totally bespoke. In fact, we like to think of them as useful little works of art. Because even when there's nothing hanging on them, they're still fabulous to look at.


    Pinstriped Wenge Hook


    12.2cm long x4.3cm wide x3.5cm deep


    Vintage single iron coat hook on block of Wenge Oak board.


    This little chunky monkey has been hand planed, oiled and finished.


    Fitted with a single hole gold mounting plate to hang at your convenience.