It's always the season to be seasoning. A pinch of this...and a dash of that... 

Ovangkol Salt and Pepper Pinch Pots

  • The perfect pair of pots.


    Every chef knows that the art of creating great dishes is all in the seasoning. So why not up your salt, pepper, spice and herb game with these gorgeous little pinch pots? Made from exotic Ovangkol they're beautiful, useful, and look perfect in any kitchen.


    Ovangkol Salt & Pepper Pinch Pots


    Size approx. 9.5cm diameter; 5.5cm high; bowl depth 3cm. 


    Pots have a small 0.5cm rim around the edge.


    Hand turned on the lathe, hand sanded and finished to a semi-sheen with Tung Oil.


    Limited edition 1/2


    Please note, price is for one pot.