YAAASSSS!! Sunday = Funday = Feasting.

Rippled Sycamore Serving Board

  • Sunday Feasting


    Simply perfect for the Sunday Roast, this Sycamore Serving Board is a great size and shape, with gorgeous grain guarenteed to bring a hint of natural chic to the dining table. Usefully, it also features a handy groove on one side to catch all of those tasty juices.


    Rippled Sycamore Serving Board


    Approx. 56.5cmx23cmx3cm Single piece rectangular rippled Sycamore, with small chamfered edges on all four sides; routed area on board top also.


    This pretty board has been hand-cut, planed, sanded to a sheen and finished with food safe oil to protect from any nasties. Insects often live in wood and this tasty board has been nibbled. All holes have been treated and filled with resin.


    This board is completely bespoke and a limited edition of 1/1.