BBQ's are all about feasting. Yum.

Pillowed Bubinga BBQ Skewer

  • BBQ like a boss


    This BBQ skewer has been designed for serious coal-cookers who appreciate a touch of luxury. The handle is made from beautifully marbled Bubinga wood with chamfered edges for a comfortable grip and the square food-grade steel skewer has a hand-filed point at the end for easy loading. Simply find a big board, strip down and share.


    Pillowed Bubinga BBQ Skewer


    Total length approx 60cm. Handle approx. 14.8cmx2.5cm; skewer 45.2cmx0.5cm


    Handle chamfered, hand-planed, sanded to a gloss sheen and finished with food and heat safe oil. Square stainless steel skewer is made from 316 corrosion-resistant food-grade stainless steel, hand-filed point.


    Limited edition of 1/2. 


    Please note, price is per individual skewer.