An actual skull?! Covered in actual metal?! On wood that's thousands of years old?! Yes. You're welcome. 

Copper Coated Skull

  • Totally bespoke. Utterly fabulous. 


    Copper on bone. This sheep's skull has been preserved in Verometal and mounted on a beautiful piece of Bog Oak. More on both of those things below. For now, this is your talking piece, the object your friends will love (or hate). Hang it on the wall and check their reactions. We'll vote for jealousy....


    A unique find


    The skull is covered in actual, real copper. It's polishable and it will oxidise if you'd like it to. The process is called VeroMetal - it's super clever and the results are stunning. 


    And the Bog Oak it's mounted on? Approximately 7000 years ago a rise in sea level caused the rivers to back up and flood the fens in East Anglia, which was forested by gigantic oak trees. This mount is from one of those ancient trees. How awesome is that? 

    This piece is completely bespoke and a limited edition of 1/1.