This dish can help you serve delicious, well, dishes....

Large Bubinga Bowl

  • Serve in style


    Big, bold and beautiful, this Bubinga bowl is a must-have in the home. Impress your guests and use it as a serving bowl for salads, nachos and more. Or sit it pretty on a worktop, and simply look at it's stunning grain as it holds your eggs. It's also got heaps of other uses - buy it and see what else you need it for...


    Bubinga Bowl


    Bowl Size approx. 20.1cm diameter; 5cm high; bowl depth 3.2cm; 0.2cm base.

    Dish has a 1cm rim around the edge, and sits flat to the surface. Hand turned on the lathe, hand sanded and finished with Tung Oil.


    Limited edition 1/1