Metal and bone and bronze age wood. You need this on your wall. 

Large Bronze Coated Horny Skull Bronze Age(ish) Wood

  • Pimp up your wall skull style. 


    Who wants ordinary? Totally bespoke, this big, horny beautiful sheep skull has been has been coated in real bronze, mounted on wood that's over 7000 years old, then polished up to a stunning shine. It's an object of beauty which is a real statement piece. Are you brave enough to hang it on your wall?  


    It's also totally customisable....


    Don't like the polished look? Because the bronze coating is real, you can let the skull oxidise or use patination fluid on it to give it a super old, weathered feel.  The bog oak mount (the wood was created 7000 years ago from gigantic ancient oak trees; East Anglian fens were flooded, resulting in some very special wood being created) is also little piece of natural history. Special all round. 


    This piece is completely bespoke and a limited edition of 1/1.