It's not paint. That would look rubbish. It's Verometal. And yes, it is an actual real skull.

Bronze Coated Skull Bronze Age(ish) Wood

  • You wont have seen ANYTHING this cool (apart from the other two)


    This is a skull that's actually covered in bronze. Actual bronze. You can polish it, you can leave it to oxidise, you can even use patination fluid on it. The process is called VeroMetal - it's made from real metal and very cool. We'd tell you more but it's our shiny secret. Shhhhhhh....


    It's mounted on a piece of bog oak.....


    Approximately 7000 years ago a rise in sea level caused the rivers to back up and flood the fens in East Anglia, which was forested by gigantic oak trees. This mount is from one of those ancient trees. You're welcome.

    This piece is completely bespoke and a limited edition of 1/1.